Complicated conversation post-9/11 project: Engaging people and bringing communities together one complicated conversation at a time!

There are over 100 complicated conversations published on YouTube and other platforms with members of different communities who participated in this project since it was launched in 2015. The CCP911 Project is a community engagement initiative that strives to engage people globally about the most pressing issues in the post-9/11 era and bring our communities together despite the vast differences in our beliefs, values, and ideologies. It is a nontraditional form of scholarly publication created for the new generation of scholars to inspire them and encourage them to step up, explore, and utilize new and multiple ways to make a difference in our society and the world!

Complicated Conversations (the rest of videos will be added soon, citations in the APA Format will be provided

Complicated conversation with Gloria Winters: Beyond the shadow of September

Arab American Youth: A complicated conversation!


Jump For The Vets with Jolie Ferrand, U.S. Army Veteran (Skydive City, Florida)

Battle Of The Bay by Land, Sea, and Air


Jump for the Stars

Podcast: Let’s Talk It’s Time America!