I hope that the young generation of people, in and out of the skydiving community, will understand what we’re trying to do here. My job is to get the message across, our world post-9/11 may have changed but we’ve never really lost the great heart, courage, and compassion of the American people. The Twin Towers are always going to be there. These amazing flyers brought the Towers to life from 13,500 ft. to remind us that we’ve never lost them and the people who gave their lives on 9/11 will always be with us…

Twin Towers by the CreW dogs at Skydive City Zephryhills FL(June 9-10, 2018)

Celebration for America with Air Sports Parachute Team

Filming in Paris

Filming in Vianden, Luxembourg

Filming in London

Filming in Istanbul

Filming in Slovenia

Filming in Munich 

Final Film Shoot at ZHills

XRW Demo

Ernesto Gainza, Wes Sandler, Scott Lazarus, Robin Harris, Michael Hoover, Denis Zhuravkov

Jump For Stars

Jump For Stars in Munich